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NHS Reunion Committee - See Calendar page for News of Coming Event

Committee Wrap-Up Meeting for October 6, 2016 Luncheon:
Jon Finger, Rieber Paulson, Herb Fick, Ivan Geffert,
Marilyn Finneseth, Marv Schrader, Pat Day, Phyllis Finger & Chico Krenik
Not pictured: Karna Brewer & Jerry Rice (seen frequently in 60th Reunion pix)

Reunion Wrap-Up Meeting November 2010 at the Northfield Golf Club
Brewers, Dahlagers, Ficks, Fingers, Gefferts, Kreniks, Paulsons, Schraders, Pat and Marilyn

Committee Meeting August 26, 2010 at Rudy's Red Eye Grill, Lakeville, MN
Carol Koester, Herb Fick, Chico Krenik, Jon Finger, Bev & Ivan Geffert, Marv Schrader & Marilyn Finneseth
Photographer: Karna Brewer

June 7, 2010 Committee Meeting - Northfield Golf Club:
Marv, Herb, Carol, Rieber, Chico, Ivan, Karna, Marilyn, Pat,
Vic & Dottie, Jon & Phyllis, Dave & Mary, Sonja & Ken - Photographers: Marv & Karna

April 16, 2010 Committee Meeting at the Northfield Golf Club:
Marv, Sonja, Ivan, Phyllis, Karna, Jon, Pat & Herb, Pat


Attending September 11, 2009 Fall Committee Meeting at Marv's: Chico Krenik's, Rieber Paulsons,
Sonja & Ken Dahlager, Ivan Geffert's, Herb Fick's, Dave Robinson's and Karna Brewer

Attending Western Dinner Party at Rudy's Red Eye Grill, Lakeville on July 23, 2009
Dave Harmer, Dave Robinson's, Marv Shrader's, Pat & John Day, Herb Fick's
Carol Koester & Ron Collins

Attending 2010 Planning meeting June 9, 2009 at Rudy's Red Eye Grill, Lakeville:
L-R around
the table:Pat, Herb, Ivan, Rieber, Chico, Carol, Marv, Pat and John

Beginning to plan the 2010 Reunion here is your Committee at work in December 2008 -
Chico Krenik, Rieber Paulson, Sonja & Ken Dahlager, Ivan & Bev Geffert
Phyllis Finger, Vic & Dot Swanson, Herb Fick, Pat Day, Jon Finger

Your Committee at work on December 20, 2004 at The Chart House, Lakeville
Sonja Dahlager, Phyllis Finger, Rieber, Jon Finger, Pat Day, Herb Fick, Don Klinefelter & Chico Krenik

(Carol K, Ivan G missing)

And Marv

Committee Meeting at Carol Koester's between 1995 and the 2000 reunion.
Carol, Pat Day, Chico Krenik, Carol Mathews, Charlie Weed and
Marv (taking picture), Herb was out of town.